GeoFlex offers employees the ability to temporarily work from compelling remote destinations, while reducing the administration of the remote workforce for HR and finance departments.

What is contained in GeoFlex?

  1. Unique portal and reporting system for hybrid work & well-being travel bookings
  2. Verified remote working accommodations to ensure productivity
  3. Custom location selection based on your company’s regulatory requirements
  4. Full-Service travel booking, location tracking and billing to minimize administration
  5. Specialized insurance packages to cover unique remote working situations
  6. Sustainable booking options that can count towards your corporate CO2 commitments
  7. Options to add vacation bookings or travel stipends for employees as additional benefit
  8. Pre-prepared employee communications for internal and external promotion of the program

What makes GeoFlex different to other benefits programs?

GeoFlex combines award-winning travel services with agile compliance reporting designed to evolve with the rapidly changing regulatory, tax and legal environment surrounding remote work. This unique and compelling offer provides companies with an attractive benefit in the competitive talent market, while minimizing the administrative impact to your organization.