Employees are demanding remote work options

Up to 89% of all potential employees are demanding remote work options

Even prior to the pandemic, new generations of employees were demanding that their employers offer a significant consideration of their personal situation and well-being, citing remote work flexibility as a key factor in their employer selection.

A study completed by quantum workplace showed 21 percent of employees said that they wanted to work remotely full time under normal circumstances, while 68 percent wanted a hybrid environment and only 11 percent wanted to be on-site full time.

Remote work can lead to increased employer loyalty and productivity

This “new normal” is an opportunity that employers can and should embrace. Not only does does it build trust with their employees, a Stanford University study shows that employees are also more productive (by up to 22%) when they are entrusted with the opportunity to work remotely, at least part of the time.

Hundreds of top companies are offering remote work options

The trend to expand remote work policies is not only occurring at high-tech companies like Microsoft or Google. Across virtually all industries – from finance (e.g. Citigroup) to even automotive (BMW) – companies are implementing remote work options for their employees. Interestingly, it is also estimated that 37% of all jobs could be done remotely.

Companies with remote work options have a 25 % less turnover rate

OwlLabs data shows that remote work options have always been a draw for retaining top talent. The pandemic has only accelerated this interest as employees have benefited from shorter commutes and quality time with their families or pursuing their personal interests. This has resulted in greater appreciation for employers who are offering remote work policies.

Extended hotel stays increased by 35 % during the pandemic and the trend is expected to hold. AirBnB’s bookings of 28 days or more or more accounted recently for more than 20% of their strong growth throughout 2021.

Given the clear demand for remote work and the increasingly competitive job market, GeoFlex represents a timely and highly compelling offering to companies and their employees.

How GeoFlex can help

  1. Companies can offer a compelling benefit in line with market demand
  2. Offering the ability to work in inspirational locations outside of the home or office is a unique and differentiating benefit
  3. Communication with your teams on the remote work options is hassle-free