Well equipped remote workspaces are important for health and productivity

Anyone who has worked from home over the past few years can tell a story about the impact and frustration of having a poorly equipped home working environment. “You’re breaking up” or “my camera isn’t working” have become common phrases.

Many employers have therefore invested to have their teams be well equipped with monitors, ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mice and solid internet connections. This has enabled the home office to be comfortable, healthy and productive.

As the GeoFlex offering involves working not only away from the company office, but in a place your team members may have never been before, it is even more important to ensure they have a well equipped remote working environment.

Even if your employees are only leveraging an offer like GeoFlex for a relatively short period of time, poor ergonomics can lead to poor work performance and injuries. It is in both employers' and employees' best interests to ensure a safe and healthy workspace.

Additionally, while an employee could be eager to work in a unique destination outside of their home or office, it can be a significant burden for individuals to determine if they have access to the right technical set-up. Organizing an adequate working environment, in particular in a foreign country, is no small feat. Finding our where and how to get an appropriate home office set up for a shorter time period is complicated and likely too burdensome for your team members to do so thoroughly.

This is why GeoFlex has made the verification and even facilitation of a viable working environment core to our offering - to help you teams enjoy both their work and vacation.

How GeoFlex can help

  1. Close collaboration with partner hotel and resort network with office offerings
  2. Verified working accommodations and necessary IT infrastructure
  3. Partnerships with local co-working spaces as alternative to dedicated office space
  4. Full-service travel and accommodation bookings for both work and living spaces