Reduce concern about tax and compliance for your remote workforce

Demand for remote work is high and companies are under exceptional pressure to offer this capability in order to hire and retain the best team members. However, HR and finance teams know that offering and administering remote work options can come with significant challenges.

Tax and regulatory requirements for remote workers are a moving target: US and European regulations for the length of time and activity in foreign jurisdictions are expected to change in the coming months and years. Even today, there are many gray areas that (if not thoroughly understood and considered) could cause remote work to have significant tax implications on both employee and employer.

So how can employers meet the demand from top talent with ever-changing regulatory and potential tax implications? GeoFlex is designed to help companies address exactly this concern.

How GeoFlex can help

  1. Transparent and flexible employee location reporting
  2. Ability to integrate into existing geographic tracking and systems
  3. Up-to-date information on impact to multi-country and jurisdiction remote workers